Aug 3, 2005

Miami Revisited

As we approach the three quarter mark of Summer being nearly over (THANK GOD!), I wanted to let you all know that the local DPW has begun encroaching upon my property laying above-ground pipes to create a new and improved water main.

I don't quite know how this will improve my daily life on Miami Street, but I do know that each and every day going forward brings me uncertainty. Will I be able to get out of my driveway to leave for work in the morning? Will I come home to discarded Dunkin Donuts coffee cups strewn all over my lawn? Will I be able to shower when they connect my house up to the temporary water pipes? It's all so very exciting.

Their photo-copied notice does say this whole 'project' will take about four weeks to finish. So today I begin the count-down. Be it known that it's August 3rd and right now there is a bump at the end of my driveway. I will continue to document if I'm inconvenienced by my City as the days and weeks go by. I know it might not be very exciting to you, but this is the most excitement my street has seen since the O'Brien Amber Alert last year.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

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Spence said...

Hey--you got spammed! Your blog has hit the big time! :)

Kate said...

I like that complaining about the DPW conveys interest in "advancing your life." LOL!

Cathy Coleman said...

Per usual, the story is a riot. How is your daily life on Miami Street these days?

Leo Coleman said...

Hey!---Don't look for sympathy from me for your street. Whadya think--you can get somethin for nuthin? Call a cab! Walk to work. Buy a sled dog!
It cost me $8,000 to fix a broken pipe ten feet down in the street----IN THE STREET----DPW Reaction?----Topugh luck--it happens 6 or 7 times a week (or day?) City property?---Sure, but you still have to pay---Lucky you don't have to hire a policeman at $400 a day---maybe two policeman--You have to love Worcester---Be positive---Remember the Tornadoes--They will save us from oblivion---

Leo Coleman said...

I will get my students e-mail addresses to put on the blog. Also, I tried to call you on the phone tonight, but I could not get you. A voice said something about telephne repairs ofor something like that.----ALSO, THE LINKS that I want to put on the blog are at the end of my schoolnotes---Leo

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