Feb 14, 2007

Bust A Move!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought you all would appreciate my slick (sick?) sense of humor. Forget greeting cards and rose for your sweetie this year. I've got something way more interesting and thoughtful.

Check out the Busty Mouspads website. I know it sets feminism back lots and lots of years, but what man (or possibly woman) in your life wouldn't get a kick out of gel-filled 3-D breasts on their mousepad? A little poke here...a little poke there...NICE!


The S Word said...

It reminds me of the lady joystick they used to offer. It was made out of a di...uh...never mind... :)

Anonymous said...

Do they have mousepads in the shape of a penis with the balls as the wrist rest? Cuz that would rock!

Catherama said...

clearly an idea whose time has come

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