Jun 19, 2007

Tuesday's Guilty Pleasure

Jun 16, 2007

BOSE Graffiti

BOSE, originally uploaded by Seetwist.

It's kind of dorky that I'm excited about finding BOSE graffiti on a rail car, but I can't help myself. This is pretty cool. I wonder if this was referencing our superior Home Audio & Entertainment products or it's just some person's last name that they decided to tag?

Jun 8, 2007

Chocolate Bubble Wrap

Feast your eyes on Chocolate Bubble Wrap. It does really exist and you can order it from Delessio Market.

As Lil Mama would rap, "I'd be lovin' it. I'd be...I'd be lovin' it. " And then she'd finish up with, "It's Poppin" OK-I really need to get that Lip Gloss song out of my head.

But seriously-what DON'T they make out of chocolate anymore?