Jan 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!

Hey Justin,

Happy 27th Birthday!

I can't wait to see your Pepsi Super Bowl ad this weekend and I promise to buy a Blu-Ray player soon so I can see your Madison Square Garden concert.

I'm 37 and married. You're 27 and single. I could be your cougar. Sadly instead, I'll have to settle for admiring you from afar...but in a stalker sort of way.

Much love and many smooches on you special day, Kim

Jan 30, 2008

Back On The Chuck Wagon

I've been a faithful viewer of the tv show CHUCK since the pilot back in September of 2007. I was super excited to see Zachary Levi (of the now cancelled Less Than Perfect fame) star in his own show whose taglines are as follows:
  • Computer Geek by day. Government operative by night.
  • He's the secret. She's the agent.
  • Saving the world...at $11/hour. (my personal favorite!)
Chuck is your typical computer geek who works at Buy More (a delicious knock off of the well known big box retailer Best Buy) who accidentally downloads critical government secrets into his brain . Two CIA agents, Sarah Walker and John Casey, get assigned to Chuck to keep him safe while working to keep him out of the hands of the enemy. Thus Chuck's cover by day is a supervisor at Buy More and by night he's super secret bumbling keeper of government secrets.

However, I had to stop taping the show after seven episodes because the writing was just so weak. I wanted to love the show. But the action sequences were lame and I felt that the show was wasting a really interesting concept and I couldn't bare to watch it anymore. So I stopped taping it.

But then I heard that the next episode that I didn't tape featured Kevin Weisman (infamous for his portrayal of Marshall Flinkman from the tv show Alias) and more importantly, Chuck and Sarah's relationship developed to the smoochy level. What is it with me and sexual tension among goverment agents? Mulder...Scully...Mulder...Scully.

I decided to set the DVR again to record Chuck and that's when I jumped back on the chuckwagon. Strangely the show started to get better. The storylines began to focus more on character development and less on over-the-top unrealistic action sequences. I got hooked and then the writers went on strike. Now I'm desperate like the rest of America for new content because I need my Morgan fix.

I didn't tell you about one of the best characters on Chuck. His name is Morgan Grimes. He is Chuck's best friend and has no idea about the secret life Chuck is leading. He pals around with him at work and lusts over Chuck's sister Ellie after hours, but he has some of the funniest scenes in the show.

Here's an except from episode 13 Chuck vs. the Marlin:

Morgan: "I heard you got a pre-release demo of the Call of Duty game."
Chuck: "Ahh! Yea, but the last time I lent you that game sampler it ended up all over the internet. So this one is going to stay in my locker and you can play it when you get some adult supervision."
Morgan: "Adult supervision? I'm almost at the age where I should get my prostate checked annually. Surely I can be trusted with the advanced copy of the next greatest video game on the PLANET."

And let's not forget about the amazing Adam Baldwin playing the tough-as-nails CIA agent John Casey. I loved him on Firefly and he's doing a great job here. I love that his cover is as a Buy More retail associate while watching over and protecting Chuck.

If you haven't seen Chuck yet, might I suggest you give it a try on Monday nights? You might have to wait a while because of the writer's strike, but you just might find it's worth it...just like I did all over again.

Jan 28, 2008

Welcome Back, Old Friend

I have undertaken the self-assigned mammoth task of watching all nine seasons of my favorite television show of all time - The X-Files - in preparation for the sequel to the yet untitled X-Files movie slated for release on July 25th, 2008.

Spencer surprised me with Season 8 and 9 over the weekend so now I own the complete series. I stopped collecting the DVD sets after Season 7 when David Duchovny didn’t want to play Fox Mulder anymore and Chris Carter decided to push ahead by introducing two new characters – Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Agent Reyes (Annabeth Gish) hoping to keep the franchise alive. Sadly for me, my obsession waned due to what I perceived as weak writing and teaser storylines concerning Mulder and Scully’s developing relationship.

I always expected re-watching every single X-Files episode in sequential order would constitute that moment in my life when something amazingly tragic happened that allowed me to gain the ability to melt into the couch for an entire week stuffing myself with sour skittles and Ramen noodles trying to pull myself up from a deep sudden and unexpected depression with the help of Mulder and Scully. That being said, I’ve weathered all sorts of personal tragedies over the years and not once did I have to pull out my “Plan A” or “Plan B” survival tactics over any of them.

This Saturday afternoon found me cracking open Season One and by Sunday night at 11pm, I had polished off watching sixteen episodes. Translated this means I spent 12 hours (45 minutes per episode x 16 = 720 divided by 45 minutes each) of my past weekend watching The X-Files and I can’t wait to watch episode 17. I managed to sandwich in a second viewing of another favorite movie-Little Miss Sunshine-but pretty much my entire weekend was dedicated to aliens, burgeoning government conspiracies and things that grow long hair and fangs in the night.

Spencer came along for the ride occasionally firing up the Mac book to surf the web while watching all sixteen episodes. Minnie snuggled up warmly next to me for a good amount of the weekend knowing she was in her best strategic position for catching left over scraps of my snacking.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to spend my leisure time watching all nine seasons. I’m at the point in Season One where it’s just starting to get good. The writing is almost past notions of Fox Mulder being considered ‘Spooky’ and just about to get really good because Scully is about to be abducted.

I can’t wait !

Jan 6, 2008

Sister-In-Law Katie Perry

Katie Perry 2007, originally uploaded by Kim Perry.

This is Katie's yearbook photo for Boston College. She's in her 3rd year of law school and graduates in May 2008. Looks pretty judicial, don't you think?

Why I Love Mr. Potato Head

'Cause he brings the silly to such serious presidential candidates as McCain, Obama and Clinton. (If you ask me, Obama is the only one of the three who seems to find it really funny.)

Photo courtesy of Andy Green:

The story of the young man and his spudhead began in 2004, when Green inherited the toy from his dying grandfather. Grandpa Robert had kept the faux spud on his bedroom shelf, Green says, and treated it like nothing more than a decoration. Green, however, wanted to show the toy around. So wherever he went — and Green’s traveled quite a bit — so went the spudhead. To the Statue of Liberty, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Marine Corps War Memorial.

His parents and younger sister have a three-word explanation for this.
"That’s just Andy," says his mom, Jenny Green, a secretary at Clinton Community College.

2 Ducks In A Cup

The only thing that would make this photograph more precious is if one of those ducks was busting that dive move like I see them do all the time in ponds. Something about seeing a duck's hind quarters sticking out of the water always makes me laugh.

Jan 1, 2008


This past week I had an appointment with my hairdresser Alicia. She has a tendency of wearing funky shoes and on this day she was wearing these HUGE platform shoes that had soles which appeared to be made out of cork.

So I ask, "Are your soles made of cork?"

She replies with a very strange look on her face, "What? Is my soul made of pork?"