Mar 30, 2008


T-shirt available for purchase on Busted Tees @ $17.99.

One of their ideas for the shirt was the hippo hovering over a toilet bowl vomiting little white balls. Such a shame they didn't go for that design, but I still love this shirt.

Crochet-It's Not For Grannies Anymore

There are still some cool characters in the world.
Photo courtesty of Dark Roasted Blend

White People Like to Rap About Their Cats

I found this video posted on Cute Overload. At first I thought it was just a clever way of editing the Nelly song with this guy's cat meowing the chorus, but then it got so much better with the guy rapping about his cat wearing his hip-hop pants and chasing after his kitty.

Solid Entertainment. I dare you to watch this and not smile.

Big Bunny

I was catching up on some of my RSS feeds when I happened across a headline claiming there was a Worcester woman named Annette Edwards who has breeded the world's largest rabbit.

In Worcester! How did I miss knowing about this?

It turns out that it's not my hometown of Worcester, but rather our sister-city across the pond in England!

Amy weighs three and a half stone and measures 4 feet from the tip of her nose down to her fluffy tail. She pretty much weighs more than your average three-year old toddler.

You can read all about Amy and see more amazing pictures by clicking here.

Mar 28, 2008

In Synch

I use an online organization tool called Airset to manage my life. It's a fantastic way to keep all the things going on in my life portable and available on the the web for easy access.

They also offer a desktop synch application that I downloaded on my work computer with the intention of adding my work calendar to my other two calendars that I review on a daily basis. My 'Personal' Calendar has stuff such as reminders to DVR the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica or Marky Mark's birthday. I also have a 'Perry Family' calendar that holds important dates related to things such as Katie's graduation from BC Law in May or my mother-in-law's birthday.

So today before I left work, I took a quick glance at my work calendar for next week trying to gauge how much time was going to spent in meetings since Monday kicks off a new fiscal year (Yay FY09) and a new fiscal month (Ditto April). I happened to see one calendar entry that looked kind of odd. It was a meeting called, "Fatal Forecast Due". I didn't think much of it other than it was a weird way for Jillian to call a meeting, but since my company is kicking off their first official S&OP meeting...I just figured it was her trying to be funny.

Tonight as I was preparing a little after-dinner snack, I happened to overhear Spencer talking to his sister Katie and the phrase "Fatal Forecast" came up. I stopped scooping up the Cool Whip and realized that the calendar entry "Fatal Forecast Due" simply was a reminder that he needed to return the book he borrowed from the library for his mom which just so happened to be called "Fatal Forecast". I started laughing and told them about my mix-up.

Me: I thought the meeting was weird, but I just figured it had to do with something going on next week.

Katie: Things must be going really well at work if you thought that was the name of the meeting.

You had to be there.

Mar 27, 2008

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

I have to thank my co-worker Sue for this gem. While I've never seen a complete episode of '24', I can totally relate to Nina's frustration as she tears those perforations off the dot-matrix print out. Enjoy.

Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Mar 9, 2008

I Want Only What I Want

What is it lately with all the questions when I'm buying stuff in stores? We went to Yankee Candle yesterday and ended up buying 12 candles and a gel air freshener for my car and the sales clerk asked as we were cashing out, "Did you need any votive candle holders today?"

I am so entirely sick of cashiers and sales clerks trying to super size my purchase with complimentary products. No, I don't need candle holders. In fact, I just got raped spending $4.99 for a gel air freshener that I had no idea cost so much, but it's too late now because I've already handed you the credit card and I don't want to make a scene over five bucks.

I go to see a movie and spend nearly ten dollars for the price of admission and another $5.75 for a small buttered popcorn and I'm asked 100% of the time if I want to go the next size up for a mere twenty-five cents?

Another phrase I hear all too often is, "Did you find everything you were looking for today?" Of course I did or else I would have found you to ask if you had it. Duh!

We're supposed to be in a recession and lately it feels like whatever I'm buying in any store is simply never enough. Stop with the questions and concern over my purchase. I want only what I want and nothing more. If I had wanted it, I would have bought it.

It's no wonder people are up to their necks in credit card debt. Retail stores have that uncanny ability to make you feel like you need and want more and it's up to you to say no. Remember that you're the one who is going to be stuck paying the bill. I learned that yesterday after spending nearly $25 on candles and an air freshener.

Can't Get There From Here

If only my house were situated behind this great intersection. I'm sure this was just someone having fun with Photoshop, but I could be this little girl holding the sign.