Jun 22, 2008

So Say We All

Sometimes I like to daydream about all the crazy shit I'd buy if money were no object. Case in point: this life size Battlestar Gallactica Cylon from SideShow Collectibles. It's available for purchase for a mere $7900.00.

Now I know I'll never be able to afford such a thing, but seeing this Cylon brought to mind why I love Battlestar Gallactica so much: those Cylons scare the crap out of me even though I know they're pretend. It's just that vertical eye slashing so expertly back and forth and that devilish hum they make. Oh! And the pounding of their marching feet. That, too.

I eagerly sat in front of the TV yesterday thinking I'd be able to see the final series episode which would reveal the final six, but to my surprise I didn't have the show taped. I'm assuming the series finale will be next Friday.

This last season of Battlestar has been disappointing to me for a number of reason, but I won't get into the details for fear of boring you. But I am pleased to report they finally found earth.

Getting back to this awesome statue. I would so buy this and place it outside my front door for all to see. Those magazine solicitors would think twice about gracing my doorstep.


Amy Owens said...


So Say We All

marty said...

U R A nerd...and that's why we all luv us sum Kim!

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