Nov 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow marks two years since the death of my mom so I've been feeling pretty down this week-especially listening to co-workers discuss their travel plans or talk about what they're cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Granted it was always difficult for me to celebrate major holidays like Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with my mother because it meant I had to go up to the nursing home to pick her up and bring her over to my in-laws for dinner. 

I think back to how I felt for the past eight years on these holidays. Spending Thanksgiving with my mom involved silently dealing with my irritation that residents of the nursing home were virtually forgotten all year long except on the big holidays when families would seem to appear out of nowhere to whisk away their loved ones for a couple of hours.  But if  I'm being honest with myself, I really was just jelous that they chose to live their lives independently from their ailing relatives and I was stuck being the devoted daughter of a mother whose whole life revolved around me. 

I can't help but remember  that I used to fantasize what Thanksgiving would have been like if I didn't have to pick her up at the nursing home each and every holiday because I wanted to make it a special day for her.  I thought about no longer having to perform the ritual of signing her out of the nursing home with her packets of controlled-substance antipsychotic medications, helping her into the front seat of my car and loading her walker in the trunk without crushing all the  little things she had affixed to her walker basket. I wouldn't have to then deliver her to my in-laws where she would have a few bites to eat and eventually complain  to me when my mother-in-law was out of ear shot that she couldn't chew the turkey because of her "damn dentures not fitting right." Needless to say, catering to her growing needs each year was never a blessing and always a burden.  

I recall how my mother-in-law would buy scratch tickets and candy bars to give away as prizes while we all sat around playing Bingo (bored out of our minds) with my mom to pass the time after Thanksgiving dinner. We all really made an effort to make her feel welcomed and part of our family celebration. 

But it was strained and irritating. There wasn't ever a time that I felt she really appreciated my extra efforts on her behalf to make the day special.  I'd end the day with loading her back into the car and driving her back to the nursing home most often trying to hold my tongue when she'd promise to call me later that night for a chat because she was bored again. Invariably I would muse that someday I wouldn't have to ever do this ever again.  I could have a holiday that didn't involve visiting her nursing home and dealing with all the inconveniences of trying to make her feel a part of a family celebration.

Spencer and I will be heading over to his parent's house this afternoon to celebrate Thanksgiving and this will be the second year of only having to look after myself now that my mother is gone.  I'll sit with his family and enjoy a nice meal.  But the ironic thing is now I'd give just about anything to be able to go back to Autmn Village nursing home and collect my mother for another meal that she couldn't chew.

Nov 23, 2008

Make Your Own Fun!

Seriously--this is flipping adorable.  If I could get Minnie interested in such a device, she might lose a pound or two with all that running back and forth. So cute!

Nov 18, 2008

Justin Timberlake in 2 Minutes

Nov 17, 2008

Justin Timberlake on SNL - AGAIN!

Nov 13, 2008

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Our corporate office is having a Healthy Holiday Eating seminar on November 18th. I was chuckling to myself when I read the topics of the meeting:

• What to eat to keep yourself energized
• Which foods are healthy and how to build these into your diet
• Which foods to avoid and how to steer clear
• What your holiday meals will look like
• What to do when the holiday is over

The following would be my suggestions for surviving the Holidays:
• How to incorporate the minimum amount of tasty goodness into your day
• Fruit Cake is not healthy even though it contains fruit – Don’t believe the hype!
• Avoid Cookie Swaps at all cost
•Craft Tip: Substitute Pirate’s Booty in place of popcorn to make holiday baubles for your Christmas Tree
• Invest in those cute little pant-expander loops because who are you kidding? There’s no way you’re going to pass up on all that delicious eggnog!

Nov 8, 2008

Dear Comedy Central...

Dear Comedy Central,
Please DO NOT cancel Chocolate News!  I know I'm being a bit premature in thinking that there is even a possibility that this show won't make it on your network, but I have to ask regardless.
I have been a faithful view of The Colbert Report since it launched back on 10/17/05 and I've watched it every night. But that was easy for me because I've loved Stephen Colbert since his Strangers With Candy days.  Loving his news show was a given.
Which brings me to Chocolate News.  I love David Alan Grier...always have and always will.  But never in my wildest dreams did I think his new show Chocolate News would be so crackerlishishly funny.  I am glued to the TV for every episode and I have to admit the writers outdid themselves coming up with the character of  24-yeard old Peanut Wiggins of Jacksonville, Florida - a volunteer at precinct 1"05...ah 9...7" 
I laughed so hard watching this skit that I got some of my morning coffee up my nostrils which took me back to my days f sixth grade when my best friend Lisa used to make me laugh so hard that my Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup came out of my nose.  Gross, I know, but necessary to convey to you how much I love this show.
Please don't cancel it.  Please!  Where else will I be able to get my daily fix of Urban Pop Culture?

Take On Me - A Literal Version

Nov 7, 2008

Remember When?

Nov 4, 2008

Rock The Vote!

I'm heading off to the polls tonight around 7:45pm to avoid the crowds.  This year the polls in my neighborhood have been moved to Lincoln Village's Swimming Pool Center.  Really?  Really! No more visits to the Worcester Magnet School down the street which at least had ample parking.  Instead my district has decided on possibly the worst location to have people vote - a run down activities center in the middle of a low-income housing area. 

I've heard many co-workers asking each other if they've gone to vote yet.  One person couldn't attend an important meeting this morning because he was out voting.  C'mon-the meeting was at 9:30pm.  Can someone really use voting as an excuse to not be to work at the designated time?  Apparently he took his civic duty very seriously much to the detriment of very my important meeting.  God Bless that Patriot!

Many of my co-workers have already gone to vote this morning.  It's been a mixed bag of responses concerning how busy the polling areas have been and I'm a little concerned about how I'm going to handle standing in a long line to vote in a swimming pool center.  Will my mind wander?  Will I get caught up in other people's conversations about (a) how irritated they are that the voting location changed this year or (b) express concern over how Question 1 is going to change EVERYTHING?

Personally I rather take a trip up to Route 3 North and vote in New Hampshire because obviously John Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen have spent a lot of cash to slam their political ads down my throat each and every morning for the past sixteen weeks and I want to return the favor by giving one of them my hard-earned vote.

Spencer and I took a trip up to North Conway, NH this past weekend and I was amazed at the number of signs decorating people's front lawns that were made out of poster board and black magic markers.  Vote For Obama!  Vote for McCain! Some jazzed up their political signs with glitter and neon colored magic markers.  We passed through one town where a whole bunch of  young girls were standing on the corner imploring me to "Honk for Change". 

I will be pleased when the election is over.  Very pleased.  Either way this election is going to be historical in the sense that we'll either have our first female Vice President or our first Black President.  This might also be the only election in history where over 70% of the registered voters actually vote.

I just hope Obama wins...'cause Tina Fey is getting tired y'all!