Dec 30, 2008

Colour Down Under

I'm sure everybody knew this except me, but I never realized that pubic hair can turn grey.  Yes, I'm naive.  You don't have to tell me...I hear it all the time from loving friends.  But seriously...who knew?

I was surfing around the Vermont Country Store's new Winter products on their website this afternoon and in their apothecary section I came across Colour For Down Under.  It's a dye to color your pubic hair...y'know...down there.  Can you imagine?

Like all products featured on this great site, there is a section for customer testimonials.  Needless to say, no one has posted a comment yet.  Hmmm. I wonder what they would say if they did? 

And now all that keeps looping in my head is that Clairol jingle from the 70's:  "I'm gonna wash that grey right out of  my head."

I understand maybe some people don't like to have grey hair because it makes them look older than they want to look. I also know there are women who go through torturous waxing sessions to be well groomed for their partner, but dying pubic hair is a little too freaky for me.

I wonder what Andy Rooney would say about this?  Think I'll go send 60 Minutes an email right now.


Anonymous said...

ive never heard of that dye but i've heard and used betty color for the hair down there and it works great! they have natural colors and lots of non-natural colors. Ive used the blonde and it was great!

The S Word said...

At last--cuffs and collar will match!

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember the episode of Sen & the City where Samantha found a grey hair so she dyed her pubes and they came out so red that her vag looked like Bozo the Clown's hair?

And it isn't just for grey hair - a lot of women dye their pubes so "the carpet will match the drapes" so-to-speak.

Anonymous said...

I personally think its a great idea, I think more and more people are accepting the concept that dying your hair down there is not that crazy! Betty beauty has a lot of fun stencils too you could do a little heart if you don't want to dye everything down there!

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