Jan 20, 2009

Wait and See

I am in a holding pattern as far as my job is concerned right now.  I knew the lay offs were coming, but what I didn't know was the percentage or the approximate number of jobs being cut.  I had to find out both from watching the Fox 25 news this morning and that wasn't cool.

Today the first wave hit today at other surrounding locations and the gossip and whispering escalated as the day slowly dragged on.  Honest to God, I looked at the time on my PC and couldn't believe it was only 2pm.  At points during my day, it felt like I was there for 48 hours--it was just that kind of a crappy scary day.

The one good thing about today was being able to go hang out in the big auditorium to watch President Obama get sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.  I found myself openly weeping during portions of his speech because he got me all riled up.  I sniffled and wiped away tears as he spoke to America and in a strange way he comforted me today during all this corporate layoff mess.  I can't put a finger as to why the tears came so easily this afternoon, but I suspect that watching the President speak about the future of our nation allowed me to realize and certainly appreciate that there are bigger issues than this little drama playing out in my life at the moment.

By the end of the day tomorrow,  I should know if my employment will remain steady.  But I can't help thinking about Fred G. Sanford clutching his chest and proclaiming:   "Oh!Oh! This is the big one! I'm comin', Elizabeth!

Sneak Peek of Marybeth's Wedding

Marybeth shared some of her preliminary wedding photos.  The link was quickly spread across the office as all of her co-workers Ooooh'd and Ahhhh'd over these amazing photographs.

To see them for yourself, click here.

OMG - I immediately added this photographer to my Google Reader and am seriously considering asking Spencer if we can have her take a portrait of us with Minnie for our 20th Wedding Anniversary next year. 

Jan 17, 2009

Congratulations Marybeth Clark

Dear Marybeth,

I'm sitting here at the Mazda dealership waiting for my oil change to be done and it just hit me that today you and Chris are getting married! I am so happy for you both and wish you all the happiness that I've found being married to Spencer for these past 18 years.

I'm always surprised when people do a double take when I tell them we got married when I was 20 years old. Lots of people have told me that they would have been too young to get married at 20 because they still had too much of their life to live...I never once felt like that. I consider my marriage to be the best thing I ever ever did in my life and it's one of the things I'm most proud of.

I'm so very happy that you'll be surrounded by all your friends and your family-especially your dad. (Not that you were inviting anyone from work, but in a way I'm glad that you didn't invite any of us because I would not have been able to control my emotions seeing you dance with your father. I miss my parents so much sometimes, but one thing I try to always remember to comfort myeslf is that my dad got to meet the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with and that was the best gift he could have ever given me.)

Today while I'm out with a friend having lunch and going to see that Daniel Craig movie, I'm going to imagine your dad's face when he sees Wally at your wedding. I'm going to think about your big day and reflect on how excited I was so long ago getting married to Spencer.

I truly wish you and Chris all the happiness in the world.  Congratulations.

Love, Kim

Jan 15, 2009

Life Is Wood

Lunch conversation today involved my co-worker Rick sharing his entomological horror stories while on past tropical vacations. Our discussion was a result of Marco asking me if my neighborhood in Worcester has been affected by the Asian Long Horned Beetle infestation.

Luckily our property appears to be beetle free because I haven’t received a certified letter from the City of Worcester requesting permission to fell any of my forestry. And really, who am I kidding? I only have a few infertile berry trees and my beloved Golden Chain Tree that my dad planted years and years ago.

Actually, I wish this whole bug infestation bubbled up three or four years ago because it would have saved me lots of money that we paid to a tree removal service cut down various backyard trees and grinding of the stumps. It gets better!

We had a Kwanza Cherry Tree in our front yard that continued to flower beautifully in the Spring, but otherwise looked dangerously weak in the remaining three Seasons. My dad planted this tree back in the late 70’s and I’ve always loved it’s Carnation-like pink blooms. (Making the decision to cut it down was really difficult for me because I felt like I was just letting another part of my Dad disappear from my life after his death.) Wouldn’t you know that months after we spent $600 to remove the tree, the City of Worcester announced our private street was about to become a public street! This involved a thorough survey of all the frontage to the homes on Miami Street and removal of any trees that stood in the way of the paving project. If only I had waited just a little bit longer.

I mention this arborist history to demonstrate that since I eliminated so many trees in our yard, I’m pretty comfortable in saying that I don’t think me and the Asian Long Horned Beetle will be crossing paths anytime in the near future. But knowing that these little pests are out there terrorizing my neighbor’s trees doesn’t make me sleep easy at night. This is one Beetle Invasion that I can do without.

[Can't get enough about the Asian Long Horned Beetle then click here]

Jan 14, 2009

Thought For The Day

You know you should quit smoking when you’re giving serious consideration to staying home from work because then you wouldn’t have to walk all the way out to the smoking area in the cold this Friday.
~Dedicated to my co-worker Jillian.