Apr 24, 2010

Muppets wedding cupcakes

Muppets wedding cupcakes: "I first saw these Muppets cupcakes on Flickr so I didn't realize they were from a Muppets wedding (!!) until I visited the Facebook page of the UK's Cupcake Occasions, based in Caydon, Nr Ipswich, . Wow! Wedding cupcakes are really a time when you can express yourself and make your event memorable, and Cupcake Occasions have totally done that here; click here for a wonderful photo of the bride reacting to her cupcake tower.

muppets cupcakes3

muppet cupcakes 2

Cupcake Occasions
07910 962745
amanda at rawlins.com

Apr 17, 2010

Google Voice Strikes Out Again

My co-worker and very good friend Patty left me a voice mail yesterday because her husband had taken ill and she was at the hospital.  This is my Google Voice translation of the voice mail she left me:

Hey Kimma, It's Gary 130 on. Hi Kim and was gonna call you on work phone, but ha. I'm at thehospital right now, so there's A. at that was going on. Let you know marketing on the phone 3today. What's going on. It's probably in the on this morning, the mobile hospital in has been admittedto just care will be here this morning. Yeah think he has we have. Well, it looks like doublepneumonia and blood infection. Excellent. Yeah evening so hi. I'll catch up with you. Bye. 

the funniest commercial

Apr 4, 2010

Stand By Easter

Beagle Works Hard For The...Treat.