Dec 31, 2011

Kohler Trumps Santa - A Young Boy's Christmas Wish Comes True

Meet Dustin Kruse - a little boy who loves toilets! His mom sent a letter to Kohler explaining his passion and they invited him and his parents to tour their design center. The video above shows him happily moving from toilet to toilet, flushing to his hearts content and loving every single minute of it.

Dustin doesn't have any reasonable explanation about why he's fascinated with toilets, he just loves them. I can relate. I don't know exactly what it is about toilets that I find them so interesting, but I just do. No explanation necessary. I also appreciated that his mom didn't talk about Dustin being strange or weird. She genuinely seemed amused that toilets make him so happy.

I wonder what he'll think about this video when he grows up and looks back on his childhood obsession?

Dec 30, 2011

Hello Kitty Cup Cakes

I know somewhere in the ADHA licensure that there must be a warning against giving sweets to your patients, but I'm sure glad my dental hygienist Andrea overlooked it.  Yesterday she gave me four Hello Kitty cupcakes that she baked just for me!

My cleaning appointment was at 4pm and she came out into the waiting room to tell me she had a little something for me chilling in the backseat of her car.  So we went outside to see and I resisted my impulse to lock arms with her and skip into the parking lot because I already knew what it was going to be!

They were simply gorgeous: four red velvet cupcakes with pink-tinted cream-cheese frosting topped with fondant-designed Hello Kitty faces.  Just look at those delicate little black whiskers.  Amazing.  Andrea explained she used one of her special cake tools to get the whiskers placed just right which was an improvement over the last time she made these for her daughter (another Hello Kitty obsessed adult - see? I'm not the only one) because she had used a tube of gel-based frosting and didn't get the same effect.

The kitty is in the details.

So I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest patient of Boylston Dental Associates.  Dr. Scanlon has done lots of good things for my choppers over the years, but he never baked me Hello Kitty cupcakes.

Dec 27, 2011

FreeSol - Fascinated ft. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland

I'm becoming quite a fan of FreeSol and just wanted to share their latest video.

I could do without the snakes though.

Ice Ice Baby - MattyBRaps feat. Vanilla Ice

First of all, that is REALLY Vanilla Ice in this MattyB video.

Secondly, how cool is it that Vanilla Ice hooked up with this YouTube sensation little kid to sing his big hit? It was nice to see Ice bust some of his old dance moves and I've got to give him props for being a good sport 'cause he's got to be so sick of this song by now. Me? Still loving it.

Dec 26, 2011

"Baby Its Cold Outside" - Zach & Donald Holiday Video

Nothing like a little celebrity Bromance to end Christmas 2011 on a funny note. I love these guys AND they're singing one of my Top 3 Christmas songs.

Sesame Street: Measure, Yeah, Measure

Dec 24, 2011

WHY Do Girls Have To Get All The Pink Toys?

Destenee - Hello Kitty Christmas (Cute/Corny Christmas Song)

Dec 22, 2011

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

I sit on the couch every Monday through Friday sipping my sweetened coffee and channel surfing before I get ready for work. I'll typically switch between Channel 7 and The Fox 25 Morning News to catch anything newsworthy and then move on to the music video stations like MTV, MTV2, VH-1 and Fuse.

But when I was flipping through the channels, I happened to see the above video and thought it was just some stupid MTV reality show where some snarky teens were sitting on a couch laughing at this black man wildly dancing in front of a motel door. I never even considered this was a music video.

But just a few minutes later, I came across this video on another channel and realized it was a music video by the group The Black Keys. I found myself watching the video and really liking this song.

The brilliance of this music video is it must have cost pennies to make and it's the perfect vehicle for such a catchy song. It made me want to listen to other songs by them. So give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Redneck Raindeer

Redneck Raindeer:

Well I suppose it wouldn’t be truly redneck if “reindeer” was actually spelled correctly. Either way I’m sure all the little kids walking by your truck will be super excited to see Rudolph meet his maker in this type of reindeer game.


Dec 21, 2011

Dirt Off Your Shoulder-Royal Style

Prince William dancing with Vanessa Boateng during a reception on December 21st. I love how his wife Kate looks on amused with that big smile on her face while her husband is mean-mugging it.   As Kanye would say, "That shit cray!"

African Bull Frog vs. Smart Phone

Dec 17, 2011

2011 Movies Watched on Netflix Instant Que

Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed Cool & The Crazy Limitless
Prince of Persia Nice Guy Johnny Black Adder
Beauty and the Briefcase Heartbreaker Fawlty Towers
The It Crowd  The Loss of the Tear Drop Diamond Forks Over Knives
30 Rock For My Wife Shaun the Sheep
Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Red State
Sesame Street 20 Years Chaos Theory The X-Files
Doc Martin Craig Ferguson: Wee Bit O'Revolution Rowan Atkinson: Live
Precious Friday Night Lights Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable
Men Behaving Badly Home Movies All Good Things
Any Human Heart Kevin Spencer Demetri Martin
Dogs Decoded Nova Life On Mars The Walking Dead
Sherlock Expired Black Adder's Christmas Carol
Jekyll Beyond Scared Straight Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work Lost In Austen The Christmas Bunny
Obsessed Neo Ned Ugly Betty - Season 3
Parks & Recreation Intervention  
Hank & Mike Kids In The Hall  
Mitchell & Webb Look The Wonder Years  
Mall Cops Me & Everyone We Know  
Sherry Baby Gamer  
Food Inc My Boys  
Outsourced Arrested Development  
Spread Life In A Day  
Addicted When Harry Tries to Marry  
American Pickers The Next 3 Days  
How To Lose Your Lover Take Me Home Tonight  
Wendy & Lucy The Yellow Handkerchief  
My Future Boyfriend Kiss Your Fat Goodbye  

Dec 11, 2011

That's Entertainment!

I went to That's Entertainment yesterday with my friend (and former co-worker) Christian under the guise of him looking to do a little Christmas shopping when really ANY trip to that wonderful comic book store is me trying to score relics of toys from my 70's childhood.

My past few trips haven't been that great, but I'm not usually disappointed because I know there's always a chance I'll walk away without buying anything except another plastic Hello Kitty weeble-like toy from the bubble gum machine near the entrance.

Upon walking down the first aisle, I found a plastic mug of Wild E. Coyote for $5 bucks which was an instant grab because the way the cup was made featured his long prominent brown snoot and I thought I could use it as a cup holder on my desk at work.  (Turns out this plastic mug was part of a KFC 4-mug Looney Tunes collection from 1992.)

Thought that was pretty cool.

I wandered the aisles and eventually made my way over to Christian who was looking at some Bill Willingham Fables comics that were up against the back wall of comics.  The cool thing about this part of the store is they regularly feature larger boxed toys up above the shelves.  For example, they have this large poster-sized sheet of Wacky Packages die-cut stickers that haven't been cut down yet into the packaged trading cards.  It sells for about $65 and I look at it every time I'm in the store thinking that it would be a cool thing to have framed and hanging on my wall.  

And now the cool part!

I looked up and there were (3) Holly Hobbie dolls in their original boxes.  I haven't seen any vintage Holly Hobbie stuff in such a long time.  It's not like I was ever a big fan of this American Greetings character, but the doll was made by Knickerbocker and just seeing that word sort of brought back this memory of knowing the name from when I was a little girl.  Knickerbocker.  Why did that stick out to me?  

I did a little online research and nailed it.  Knickerbocker Preschool made a line of Snoopy articulated dolls and you could buy clothes to dress both Snoopy and his sister Belle in just like you would with a Barbie doll. I had one of those Snoopy dolls.

Back to the Holly Hobbie doll.  So Christian was looking at the doll in the box and says, "Huh, I never even heard of Holly Hobbie." To which I replied, "Don't worry, that's a good thing."  But then this older guy standing next to us, who was glancing through a comic book, looked over at Christian and agreed that it was a good thing.  

Christian bought a few comic books and then it was my turn at the register.  I looked up at the man behind the counter and simply said,' Let's not talk about this purchase..." and proceeded to hand him my vintage Holly Hobbie doll and Wild E. Coyote mug.  I felt like a first class dork. He knew it and I knew it, but it didn't matter one bit.  I figure there's got to be other potential shoppers at That's Entertainment that would buy a Holly Hobbie doll or they wouldn't have been even selling it. So here is a picture of my Holly Hobbie miniature rag-doll that is mint in the box and now ALL MINE.  I paid $14 dollar for her and she's going to be put in my bookcase along with a bunch of other treasures including my Etch-A-Sketch, Fisher Price camera, Weebles and Little People.

Dec 1, 2011

Falsely Accused Once Again

Angry Beagle
I am fit to be tied right now and after you read my rant, I'm sure you'll get the dripping irony of that statement.

I came home tonight and took Minnie out for her evening walk.  Spencer and I affectionately refer to her walk as her 'round' because we do a nice tidy loop around our neighborhood which gives her a chance to stretch her legs, sniff out any new interesting smells and do her doggy business.  (We actually have 3 levels of her round:  short round, medium round and the long round.  All that means is that we have 2 other established neighborhood routes that essentially widens the perimeter our walk with her so she doesn't get bored with the same old sniffs going from Miami Street to Carpenter Ave to Nome Street and back to Miami Street.)

As I began our walk down Miami Street tonight, I saw another dog Max in the distance looking our way.  I always think Max has surpassed what would be the equivalent to a cat's purported nine lives because he's still alive and kicking despite never being on a leash and his propensity for hanging out in the middle of the road clueless about the dangers of distracted drivers in speeding cars.

Carpenter Ave was quiet as we made our way towards him.  Upon seeing Max just a little ways away, Minnie happily began wagging her tail and tugging at her leash.  Max stood there with his head hanging low and distrustful of us, never making eye contact and tolerating Minnie coming up to his face for a little nose bump and a sniff of his rear end.  Like all other nights, their dance had begun.   

She immediately grew tired of his disinterest in her, turned from him and resumed her walk towards the edge of the road to sniff out a hefty lump of moist leaves. After all, who knew what olfactory treasures awaited her snoot beneath the leaves? Max followed closely behind, periodically lifting his leg for a short squirt here or there, and we continued on our walk.

I caught a glimpse of headlights and heard an approaching car coming up the road at a pretty fast pace.  Since I always carry one of those big yellow flashlights, I pointed it in Max's general vicinity to draw the driver's attention that there was a dog near the side of the road.  I didn't want Max to get hit by the car. The driver noticed the light and began to slow down.  However it was at this perfect moment that Max decided it would be a better idea to start walking into the middle of the street in front of the car.  I called out to him to stop, but he kept on going so that he was standing right in the middle of the street blocking the car from moving forward without hitting him.  He just stood there.  I tried to mime movement with my flashlight in Max's direction to get him to move off his spot, but it wasn't doing any good and I gave up.  I shrugged my shoulders and gave the driver a helpless 'Oh, well I tried...." look.   But to my surprise, the passenger of the car rolled down the window and shouted directly at me, "You know, there's a leash law in this city!" just as the car began to push forward whether Max was going to move or not.  

I instantly yelled back at her, "NOT MY DOG!" and raised my hand to demonstrate that my dog was, in fact, on a leash.  

As the car sped up the street, she called out the window, "Sorry."

And that was the point when I got pissed.

I am so sick and tired of  people in and around our neighborhood holding Spencer and I somehow accountable for all the irresponsible things that other faceless dog owners do (or don't do) with their dogs.  Minnie is licensed, securely leashed on our walks and we fastidiously gather all of her poop. You will never see Spencer or I walking her without one of those stupid plastic bags. We're mindful to not let her roam too deep onto a neighbor's lawn while we're walking her and we always have her in our control 100% percent of the time. No exceptions.

But apparently none of this matters.  I think people see us walking Minnie so much that they just assume that if a pile of shit lands on their lawn, it's from our dog.  If a trash bag gets ripped open on Tuesday morning, it must be our dog.  If a dog is standing stubbornly in the middle of a dark road at night blocking traffic, it must be our dog.

Let me tell you about a few past encounters with people I don't know:

The guy who owns Max actually shouted at us from his kitchen window one Sunday morning because he saw Minnie squatting to pee on the edge of his property.  "Can you not have your dog pissing on my lawn?" But here's the funny thing about that gem of a neighbor.  Apparently it's OK for his dog Max to wander the neighborhood happily taking huge dumps on other people's lawns and never being on a leash.

Minnie loves to do that doggy thing where she rolls over onto her back in the yard and delightfully squiggles away in every direction possible rubbing herself into mysterious smells on the ground.  I actually had a neighbor come outside to scold me.  "I don't want your dog there.  My kids play on this lawn."  I explained that Minnie wasn't peeing and what she was doing was harmless, but it didn't matter to him.  "OK" I said and moved Minnie along while silently adding him to my growing list of assholes.

Just last week, Spencer was walking Minnie up one of the bigger hills in our neighborhood when he sensed a car was behind him so he quickly moved himself and Minnie tight to the side of the road so the car could pass by.  But instead an old lady called out to him, from her car, that she didn't want the dog in any way trespassing on her easement.  Spencer just said 'OK' and continued on towards home.  But let's pause and think about this for a moment.  This crazy old lady must have been in her house, saw Spencer walking past her driveway and decided to get into her car to drive around the corner just to warn him. Who does that?

These three examples are just the instances that stand out in my mind as I write this, but I know there have been more.  I'd like to think that we get  picked on by strangers because they consistently see us out walking Minnie and attribute any and all bad doggy behavior on us.

But tonight what I should have called out after the lady apologized was, "Yea?  Well, the city has speed limits, too!"  

And thanks to my trusty flashlight and healthy respect for city law, Max lives on untethered and free to crap on anybody's lawn-except, of course, his own.

Nov 24, 2011

What a Face!

What a Face! by Joel Brochu
What a Face!, a photo by Joel Brochu on Flickr.
It took 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles to make this Beagle mosaic. This is truly a work of art.

Lovely Owl

Nov 13, 2011

My Penchant for Crochet

In Time movie review

Spencer took me to see the new Justin Timberlake movie In Time last Tuesday. 

I've been jonesing for this one for quite sometime because the whole look of the movie is like one long, gorgeous I'm Bringing Sexyback video shoot, but in movie form for 109 beautiful minutes.  But unfortunately, it was a terrible movie.  

Justin was perfectly fine in the movie, but he really didn't have much to work with as far as a script.  The special effects budget was blown on that silly LED clock built into their forearms and Amanda Seyfried's acting was terrible.  I wanted to yank that awful wig off her head through out the entire movie...and maybe pop out her big eye balls.

Spencer's review was succinct and to the point: It took a special kind of courage to watch the whole thing."  I really couldn't have said it better myself. 

Oct 23, 2011

Modern Dogs

Today's Cartoon:

Oct 20, 2011

The Surprise of Their Lives!

This would TOTALLY be ME if I could SING and could turn back time by 33 years.
Talk about a dream come true. I think back to my musical heroes when I see stuff
like this and it just makes me cry. That little girl simply cannot control herself.

Oct 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Foolishness

Sep 19, 2011

Mega Goki is Mega Creepy

WHO in their right mind would want a cockroach backpack?

I was so creeped out when I came across this today on the site Geek Stuff 4 U that I had to post it.  

Attention All Moms:  your kid is gonna want this and it's on sale for $63.24.  But you better hurry up 'cause Halloween will be here before you know it.

This actually reminds me of the Doctor Who episode 'Turn Left' which finds an enormous chattering insect pinned to Donna's back throughout the episode.  Yuck.

I'll be seeing this in my dreams tonight.  For once, I'm not looking forward to my head hitting the pillow after a hard day at the office.

Sep 6, 2011

"I Can't Jerk Off to Justin Bieber!"

I actually bought Esmee Denters CD because it was produced by Justin Timberlake and he appears on a few of her songs. THAT'S how desperate I am for new music from Justin Timberlake.

Aug 19, 2011

Brothers Got To Work It Out

Bridge from Ting on Vimeo.

Jul 26, 2011

Scents and Insensibility

I told a random guy at work today that he smelled good.  Of course, I apologized beforehand telling him that I was about to say something that most would deem ‘inappropriate’ in a work environment, but I said it anyways.
The nice thing is he smiled and thanked me.  Then he told me that one time it wasn’t the first time someone had randomly complimented him.  One time he was on a beach and a woman walked up to him to tell him he had ‘nice toes’.    Now THAT was way more inappropriate, don’t you think?

I have heard of guys having a foot fetish, but never from the opposite sex.  Who knows? Maybe she just liked his feet.  Regardless, I achieved my daily goal of talking to one complete stranger today at work and this is the thanks I get for trying to expand my conversational horizons. 

Maybe next time I keep should keep my nose out of a stranger’s business!

Jul 15, 2011

Swamp Ass PSA starring Nathan Fillion

Jul 10, 2011

Justin Timberlake Hosts the ESPYs

Jul 9, 2011

Rap Hero

So the really, really funny part of this video is the skinny dude who dresses up like Kanye West with diving goggles.  These guys try to recreate one of Kanye's epic videos and it's clever as hell.

Tastes Like Chicken

Pretty much every day I come across something funny to share with selected friends and co-workers. 

I sent this picture on the left out this past Friday morning with the subject line: TGIF

My former co-worker and constant friend Jillian responded back: "Bet it tastes like chicken."
My current co-worker and also constant friend Michelle quickly replied back: "Spoken like a true non-mom! True mom's know babies taste like shit! HA!" 

I love my co-workers and hopefully they constantly love me back.

Jul 8, 2011

Ood vs. iPhone

I just had a funny thought at work as I was on my way to the bathroom. I was nearly plowed over in the hallway by this woman walking toward me while looking down at her iPhone.  It became obvious pretty quickly that she wasn’t aware of her surroundings as she headed directly towards me and I had to make a quick shift to the right to avoid bumping into her.  So this experience got me thinking…

The creature on the left is called an ‘Ood’ and it’s an alien from the current Doctor Who franchise.  I’d like to draw your attention to that round thingy it is holding.  I think it’s some sort of communication device that allows them to interact with other species, but I can’t help thinking it bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone. 

It’s a physical part of their body and they carry it everywhere.  As humans, I think we’re pretty much one step away from this ourselves.  How many times a day do you encounter people walking around oblivious to every single thing happening around them except their bloody phone?

OK. I admit ,like a gazillion other people, I own an iPhone.  I love my iPhone, but I’m not in love with my iPhone.  Know what I mean?  By nature, I’m an introvert and you’d probably expect me to say that I love the solitude that using a smart phone provides me on a daily basis, but I don’t at all.   I still believe that being present and giving my 100% attention to someone or something is much more important than checking my Gmail or texting a buddy at any given time of day.

I’ve been to movies where people sit there in the dark illuminated by their iPhone screen because they just can’t seem to shut themselves off from the world for the 90 minutes it would take to watch a film.  I’ve been to concerts where people stand up and try to capture every second of the musical experience by using the video on their Smartphone instead of just enjoying the show that they paid big bucks to see.  Finally, I’ve been to meetings where half the folks in attendance are texting or checking their phone rather than paying attention to what is being discussed.  I’m getting really sick of it.

You’re not going to get any argument from me about how amazing and convenient it is to use a Smartphone.  I love my Apps and my ability to have access to pretty much everything in the digital format.  Sometimes I just worry that these phones is just another way of allowing ourselves to be driven by distraction rather than being driven by the life that is actually happening around us.

With that being said, I’m off to play Angry Birds.  (just kidding!)

Jul 1, 2011


We were heading back home this afternoon and this song came on.  I thought it was sung by Dr.Hook.  Spencer said no.  Maybe Dr. John?  Another no.

I checked it out later and it's from a 70's band called Mungo Jerry.

I really liked this song when I was little-probably because it was catchy and reminded me of a jug band.  Wait.  I'm remembering there might be Muppets involved...I'll have to check that out later.  But after poking around on the 'Official' site of Mungo Jerry, I happened up on an awesome performance of the song with Billy Idol and Slash. I totally loved their version.

Now I'm off to iTunes to see if I can find the MP3.

So enjoy my trip down memory lane and have an awesome 4th of July.

Jun 25, 2011

Charlene II (I'm Over You) by Stephen Colbert & the Black Belles

Time for me to add Colbert back into my DVR lineup.

Jun 18, 2011

Keenan Cahill Kills it with 50 Cent

I needed something to make me laugh this morning so I replayed this video of Keenan Cahill.

How in the world did he get 50 Cent to make a guest appearance? Keenan's facial expressions are priceless.  I think there should be a word for video-lip-synching kids spitting rhymes so dope.

Jun 5, 2011

Why Bother?

Why Bother by p!speaks
Why Bother, a photo by p!speaks on Flickr.
Spencer and I are going to try a Tai Chi class this morning at Shrewsbury Health and Racquet Club.

I know we won't be doing any 'downward dog' moves, but I'm hoping the first class is slow, easy and relaxing. Just like this Beagle named Bruce.

Jun 4, 2011

Gumball Wars

Gumball Wars from Scott Thierauf on Vimeo.

May 21, 2011

Who Says A Beagle Can't Catch A Ball?

George Perry Eulogy by Bruce Perry

My name is Bruce Perry and I am Georges largest nephew, and one of his Biggest Fans!

When I was asked to give this eulogy, I must admit, I was a bit reluctant as I’m not a very strong person when it comes to these situations…dealing with death or dieting, have never been my strong points.

In searching for the right words to describe George, I turned to my dad Francis (his only living sibling).

He talked about family life on the farm in Hardwick, as young boys growing up (George being the  youngest of 8 boys with one younger sister), how smart George was at school, graduating with high honors from Hardwick Academy in 1948. Also how George always took extra attention to his appearance, being well groomed and neatly dressed.

During Georges high school years, he worked for a local soda bottler. After graduating high school George joined the military and served for the country he deeply loved.

Upon returning from serving in the military, George stayed my father Francis, and mother Eleanor in New York City while working at a furniture store. My dad told me of how Georges late nights of playing the harmonica, just about drove my mother crazy.

George then met and married the love of his life Jeanette, together they went on to have two adorable children, Spencer and Katie. He was very proud of his kids and their accomplishments. Accomplishments like Spencer bringing his wife Kim and Minnie (the Grand-Dog) into the family and Katie keeping them all in tow with her law degree. Family meant a lot to George, whether it was his wife and children, his siblings spread out across the States, or his nieces and nephews, George always cherished them and held them close in his heart. 

I then turned to my cousin Sharon for her memories of George; she told me how George always made her feel special, how he lit the room up with his smile and how important family was to him. She recalled how close George and her father Lawrence were throughout the years. How they did not need to voice their thoughts, that they always knew what each were thinking by just looking into each other’s eyes.

The next person I spoke to was Buster. Buster was his classmate in school and I had asked him if he could share anything about George that I could pass along to everyone here today. Buster recalled how he was friends with George and he remembered him as one hell of a football player….obviously George being (at best) 120 pounds soaking wet, I felt that maybe I needed a second opinion on this….after checking with dad, I guess maybe Buster might have been hit with one too many footballs to his head in his Football career.

I have many fond memories of George over the years, from the times spent at weddings, birthdays, reunions, funerals and many phone conversations. When I would hear from George, he would always say “Hi Bruce it’s Uncle George, Just calling to check in”.  He was always calling to check in, not because it was routine, but because of his love of his family. He had a heart of gold, and always put everyone else first before thinking of himself. I received a call two weeks ago from George, he was just checking in, but it was more than just that, he heard that my house was flooded and he was calling to make sure that we were okay, offering his support and asking if we needed anything and how he could help. George truly was one in a million.

One thing I will never forget, that makes me smile even to this day, was the look on my uncle Georges face when he opened the breakfast menu in a hotel in New York City. I’ve never seen Georges eyes get so big, his expression was priceless when he looked at me and said “Bruce, we cannot afford this coffee, Lets Go!” The $6 cup of coffee and $14 scrambled eggs, was just a bit too much for George to handle. While we walked out of the restaurant, He turned to me and said that we can find something cheaper off the street.

Every spring and fall, I would drive dad and Shirley while Katie would drive George and Jeanette to meet at Bellows Falls for a visit and have lunch. The common theme at these lunch dates were George and dad arguing over who’s turn it was to pick up the check, I remembered this all too well as I would watch them arguing while I was up paying our bill. ….true priceless moments, which was money well spent!

In closing I want to read this poem I came across and thought it would be fitting, although I rewrote it to fit my point…… is now entitled “I’m proud to be in  your dash George”

Dear George,
I read of a man who stood to speak At the funeral of a friend
He referred to the dates on his tombstone from the beginning to the end
He noted that first came his date of birth and spoke the following date with tears
But he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years.
For that dash represents all the time that he spent alive on earth
And now only those who loved him know what that little line is worth
For it matters not, how much we own, the cars…the house…the cash
What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash
So think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change?
For you never know how much time is left, that can still be rearranged;
If we could just slow down enough to consider what’s true and real,
And always try to understand the way other people feel.
And be less quick to anger, and show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives like we’ve never loved before.
If we treat each other with respect, and more often wear a smile,
Remembering that this special dash might only last a little while.
So George as I read this eulogy with your life’s actions to rehash,
I'm so very proud to be with-in your dash.

Rest in Peace George... and Thank you for being you.....

This Takes Robot Dancing to a Higher Level

Have you seen that Planet Fitness commercial with the body builder who flexes his pecs and says, "BAM!"  He wouldn't want to meet this incredible street performer.

My Father-In-Law George M. Perry

My wonderful Father-In-Law George passed away at his home on May 12th.

The picture on the left is of George and my husband Spencer taken at a Perry Family reunion up in Vermont. George kind of looks miserable, right? That was George...he put up with anything for those he loved-even having a cheesy plastic lei wrapped around his head for a funny picture with his son.

It's been a really tough week for us.

I spoke briefly at George's funeral and wanted to post my Eulogy in case any of you are interested in what I had to say about George.  (I guess another reason for posting it on my blog is I don't want to let the file sit in 'My Documents' on my computer because doing so makes me feel the loss of George even more....)

One of the many qualities that I admired most about my father-in-law was his no-nonsense way of telling you how he felt in the moment. There was never a question of being left uncertain about the way he was feeling...if he was angry or irritated with someone or me, we knew. If you'll forgive me for saying this in the house of the Lord, he came up with some beauties as far as cursing goes. You could learn a thing or two if you listened carefully enough.

But behind his well chosen words, he was a man of action. I'm sure I won't be the first to tell you he showed his love for his friends and family by what he did for us every single day:  

He used to drive over to our house each Sunday morning to drop off a newspaper for me and every so often he'd surprise me with my favorite donuts. He taught me how to use a lawn mower after my own father died suddenly. Really...he was just always there...strong as an Ox.

Most importantly, he raised a loving son and gave me a sister-in-law who is like the daughter I never had.

I want to formally thank you all for coming together today to celebrate George's life. It's going to be a very hard day for all of us because we don't want to say good-bye.

Apr 10, 2011

Bucket List in Effect

This is a good reason for me to hop on a plane and visit Iowa.  For reeellllzzzzz.

Apr 3, 2011

Pole Dancing For Jesus Is The New Christian Workout | The Frisky

Pole Dancing For Jesus Is The New Christian Workout | The Frisky

This is the latest exercise craze that Megan McGlover was ranting about in my earlier post.

Pole Dancing For Jesus

Megan McGlover from ATL is the type of woman who can make me smile when I'm feeling down or having an unhappy moment.  She loves me long and she loves me strong and that's all I've got to say about that.


Taste the Rainbow, Lick the Rainbow

Mar 12, 2011

Hova - Thank You For Being A Friend

Packing For Our Trip

First of all, why didn't I buy myself this adorable Hello Kitty suitcase for our trip to Las Vegas?

I waited until the last minute to prepare for our trip.  It's Saturday and the only major thing I've been able to accomplish is getting our 2010 income taxes done and entering all my Coke reward caps.

My purse has been emptied out onto the kitchen table and I know that I need to sort through everything and decide exactly what to carry in my vacation purse.  But I'm finding that to be a bit more challenging than expected.

If you were to walk into my kitchen right now, you'd see the following on the table:

  • Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones
  • Amazon Kindle with charger
  • Cell phone with charger
  • Las Vegas guide
  • Several Post-It notes with unintelligible scribbles
  • Digital camera with charger
  • Flip video with charger
  • Neck Pillow and eye mask
I think I've got too many things with power supplies.  

So I'm not sure what I'm going to end up taking, but I sort of feel like a judge on American Idol when they're down to choosing the Final 13.  Do I take the Kindle or the paperback?  The camera or the Flip?

Really it's not that bad.  I had wanted to do a little clothes shopping today while Spencer was working, but I decided to just bring some Capri pants and light shirts because the weather is supposed to be in the mid-70's.  Anything is better than what it was like this morning walking Minnie. I still had my winter coat, gloves and tassle hat on to keep me warm.

The Worcester Airport Limo is picking us up at 5:30am tomorrow morning. Plus it's Daylight Savings Time which means it will feel like 4:30am instead. Then there's going to be that killer time-zone difference once we hit Las Vegas.  It ought to interesting.

Seriously, I cannot wait to get away.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have all this stuff weighing me down.  Technology is great, but sometimes too much of a good thing is simply too much.

Stay Tuned for my Day 1 Adventure in Sin City.


Just returned from taking Minnie on her morning Saturday walk and we met a new friend.  She's a 1-year old tr-colored Beagle named Sadie who was adopted from The Worcester Animal Rescue League last week. She was so cute that I tried to do a little investigative reporting to see if I could find her picture on their website since she was freshly adopted, but I didn't have any luck.  Trust me when I tell you she is flipping adorable.

This neighbor of mine explained that Sadie was about a year old and not trained yet.  He admitted that he's more of a cat person, but his daughter really wanted the dog so that's why they got Sadie.  Interestingly enough, he shared that his wife is very, very afraid of dogs but she's fine with Beagles because she had one while growing up.

I asked him why he was out walking Sadie instead of his daughter?  Like any loving dad, he sort of just huffed at me and said, "Yea, she's still sleeping in bed."

I'm really looking forward to seeing Sadie during our walks going forward.  She's a very spunky, friendly Beagle and I can't wait to get to know her better.

Mar 2, 2011

Blake Lewis Beatboxing from 'The King's Speech'

Former American Idol Blake Lewis displaying his mad skillz.  I love this guy. He's my absolute favorite from these past ten seasons.


Feb 21, 2011


SLEEPING BEAUTIES!, originally uploaded by MABYSGOTAY.

This made me smile today.

Feb 12, 2011

All I Need Is The Tour

I cannot stop listening to Duran Duran's latest CD 'All You Need Is Now'...I've played it over and over again on my iPod while at work and I've cranked it endlessly in the car on the ride home.  It is one of their best albums ever.

It seems to me that every song could be linked back to one of their classics from the Planet Earth and Rio albums.  Nick's keyboards playing homage to the simple haunting sound of  'The Chauffeur' on the song 'The Man Who Stole A Leopard'.  And one of my favorites-'Leave A Light On' is reminiscent of their classic song 'Save A Prayer'

I joked that their last CD was the Holy Trinity for me:  Duran Duran + Timbaland + Justin Timberlake = it simply couldn't get any better for me as a long-time fan.  But they have surprised me once again by collaborating with producer Mark Ronson who somehow seamlessly coaxes the boys back in the direction of what made them one of the hottest bands of the 80's.

Just listen to Simon's vocals on the performance above of the single 'All You Need Is Now'...the high notes he hits at the end of the song are surprisingly precise and stunning when you consider the band is playing live and his vocals aren't being enhanced to perfection by a producer in the studio.

I'm never comfortable writing a review about something that I like because I know there are tons of people out there who can do it so much better than me.  But trust me when I tell you that this is one of their best.

So when is the Tour?

Feb 6, 2011

I've Got Me The Winter Blues

Like everyone else, I'm entirely sick of Winter.

I'm tired of dressing in layers. I'm tired of not having any control over my day when the weatherman tells everyone to expect more snow.  Sometimes their predictions hit the snow fall totals pretty accurately and other times it feels like I should just buy me a copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac to see what's in store for us.

The threat of the roof collapsing over my head is what's really bothersome right now.  It could all just be the hype, but I tried getting a quote to have the snow removed from our roof.  The man said between $600-$700 and I decided I'd rather take my chances with Mother Nature.  So far no leaks or creaks on Miami Street and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the snow is going to melt off the roof without incident or drama.

I was thinking the other day that I miss hearing the birds chirping outside when I leave for work in the morning.  Being able to see the occasional beautiful red cardinal outside snacking at the bird feeder just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm done with the cuteness of scampering squirrels, frozen dog poo and tracking sand into our kitchen.  Enough already.

I'm supposed to go tubing at Ward Hill in Shrewsbury this upcoming Thursday afternoon as part of a group post-holiday work celebration.  I was looking forward to it before because I have never gone tubing, but now it just feels like I'm consorting with the enemy.  I don't want to have fun slipping and sliding in the snow. Snow is evil and meant to be despised.  I don't want to feel the rush of wind against my ears as I go plummeting down a slick hill only to climb back up and do it again.

But like everyone else living in New England, I've got to get through this and take comfort in knowing that every day passed is a day closer to Spring.  But what troubles me is that all this snow is like the manifestation of a savings bank.  Sooner than later the snow is going to melt and my basement will be in danger of becoming a wading pool.

I guess how you survive Winter is all just a matter of perspective.  For now I'll take solace in knowing that someday soon all this snow will be gone.  But what really troubles me is where it's going to go.

Feb 5, 2011

Darth Vader vs. 2012 Volkswagen

Jan 29, 2011

My New Favorite Weather Woman in the ATL!

I need people like this lady in my life 24/7.  She is one of the funniest people I've come across in a long time and that's high praise indeed if you know me.

Jan 17, 2011

A Smurf Smurfing a Dream

A Smurf Smurfing a Dream, originally uploaded by NJ Toy Geek.

Is it wrong that sleeping is one of the favorite parts of my day?
I'm fortunate that I get to sleep like every single day.

Some of my fondest teen memories were coming home after school and napping in my parent's water bed. The mattress was heated and there were so many baffles built into the liner that it felt like I was floating on air.

I remember they also had this really expensive velvet patchwork quilt that they had bought when they got the water bed. I think at the time that patchwork quilt cost them about $200. It doesn't really seem that expensive now, but when you consider this was the early 80's it really was quite a luxury.

Another fond memory I had was sometimes at night I would crawl into bed with my mom to keep her company when my dad was away on a trip. ( I'd sleep on my dad's side of the bed which somehow made me miss him less and helped my mom get a better night's sleep because she wasn't in the bed all by herself.)

Often my mom would leave the radio on during the night to help her get to sleep. To this day, I can never hear that Led Zeppelin song 'Stairway to Heaven' and not think about that one night I laid next to her for what seemed like a solid 30 minutes while that song just went on and on and on.

In taking this little trip down memory lane, I am left wondering where I would go to buy a water bed? Do they even make them anymore?

Jan 12, 2011

Snowtorious B.I.G.

Mother Nature gave me my birthday gift early this year - SNOW!  In fact, she really went all out with my present 'cause she wrapped up the snow in all this beautiful wind that deceptively makes the snow seem all soft and fluffy when clearly it's not.

Luckily for us, a blessed teen showed up on our doorstep this afternoon looking to shovel out the walk and the driveway.  Now that's the kind of present I'm talking about and it doesn't even phase me one bit that I had to pay for it.  I powered him up with glass bottles of Coke and thanked him profusely in flipping great wads of my cash.

The view out our window this afternoon was pretty non-existent until I saw this dad pulling his toddler behind him in this really cute sled.  The little boy was bundled up in overprotective layers-so much so that I could only see his eyes-and all the padding this little kid was wearing made it seem like if the wind picked him up, well, he'd bounce all the way home.  It would have been a Hallmark moment, but then the dad reached into his pocket for his smokes and proceeded to light up before gathering up the sled's rope and moving on.  I just don't see how you can smoke in a blizzard, but that's just my non-smoker judgmental opinion rearing it's ugly head.

Eventually the snow stopped falling and we decided to take Minnie out for a walk through the neighborhood to see if we could be witness to any fallen power lines, abandoned vehicles or general mayhem taking place around us.  It was pretty uneventful.  But the wind was whipping so badly that we couldn't see anything so we relied on our Beagle Minnie to tug on her leash and lead us safely home. Seriously, she could be a sled dog if it wasn't for her ample midsection.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to DIRECTV for withstanding the inclement weather conditions which allowed me to watch that new Oprah show 'Master Class' so I could learn a little bit more about the great Jay-Z and to the makers of Kellogg's for yet another delicious bowl of Fruit Loops with Marshmallows enjoyed while watching Hova on Oprah's new network. I couldn't have gotten through this pre-Birthday without both of you.

And now, last but not least, Mother Nature for giving me a gift that will keep on giving all season long. (I hope she kept the receipt!)

Jan 9, 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary Duran Duran

Has it really been 30 years? Above is their latest video for their song 'All You Need Is Now' and might I just say how much I still love this band?  I started loving them all the way back in 1982 so I've been a forever fan for 29 years.

Happy Anniversary Duran Duran.  I still love you as much as I did when I was twelve years old.

Jan 8, 2011

Hedgehog - Possibly the Cutest Hog Ever.

A Laugh Is A Smile That Bursts

Jan 6, 2011

Utterly Horrifying - Toddlers & Tiaras

I finally got around to seeing this show and indeed it is the most disturbing thing airing on television.  I know that's a pretty confident statement coming from someone who has never watched an episode of Jersey Shore, but I was horrified last night watching this beauty pageant show.

When I saw this poor little girl dressed up to look like Madonna while her mother had her dancing to 80's themed music, the very awkward feeling that washed over me can only be likened to that uncomfortable feeling of watching a movie with my parents when someone was having sex on the screen.  Awkward.

These poor little girls.  They're made-up to look like adult women and strut their non-existent 'stuff' in front of audiences that must be littered with pedophiles. (Remember that scene in Little Miss Sunshine with the creepy guys?) How can mothers do this to their children?

What is to become of their childhood?  Isn't it enough that they'll have to deal with their self-perceived shortcomings the rest of their adult lives as they compare themselves to airbrushed stick insect models?  Will they know that their personal worth isn't defined by the size of their latest Coach bag?

These pageant moms need to stop dressing their daughters up like Bratz dolls and start teaching them that beauty comes in many forms and certainly not always on the outside.

Jan 4, 2011

Muppets do MONSTER by Kanye West

The Kindle vs. A Guilty Pleasure

I have lots and lots of guilty pleasures.  For the most part, I tuck my guilty pleasures away because they really are meant just for me and no one else. That's what makes them a guilty pleasure.

One of Kim's Guilty Pleasures
Let's take the movie Grease 2 as an example:

I would be simply mortified if anyone knew that I cry my eyes out everytime I see the scene towards the end of movie were Michael (aka Cool Rider) is presumed dead after he's chased by the T-Birds through a construction zone.  Poor Stephanie--she'll never know that Michael really was the sexy and mysterious Cool Rider all along.  

Wait.  Scratch that.  What was I thinking?  It's Danny and Sandy. Definitely Danny and Sandy.

I got to thinking about guilty pleasures after a morning coffee conversation  with my coworkers Michelle and Marybeth.  I think we began discussing the Amazon Kindle because Michelle's husband ending up downloading a historical book for 50% less on their  Nook vs. the actual book for sale in Barnes & Noble.

Marybeth's Favorite Book!
Marybeth piped up saying how much she loves her Amazon Kindle and I mentioned that I had recently gotten the 3G Kindle as a gift from Spencer although the only thing I've really done with it so far was download free trashy supernatural romance novels and a Scrabble game.  I can't recall Marybeth's exact remark, but she told us how just a few days ago she got to reread one of her most favorite books Ribsy by Beverly Cleary while waiting for her car to be repaired at the dealership.

Now isn't that the cutest thing?  Here before me sat a professional, young married woman confessing her love for a children's book and making absolutely no apologies for reading it on her Kindle when most people would be reading the latest James Patterson book or that insanely popular Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo series.

I think the beauty of the Amazon Kindle or any e-reader, for that matter, is you can read whatever you want and you don't have to be concerned with people nosing in on what you're reading. I really hate that.  "Whatcha reading?" someone will ask. "Oh, I read that..."    You don't have to be like one of those women reading their Danielle Steel books wrapped up in a quilted book cover while waiting for their hair to dry under the heat lamp at the beauty salon.   If so desired, you could quite  easily download and read Mein Kamph by Hitler and then move on to Twilight by Stephanie Meyer without anyone ever knowing.

I respect all guilty pleasures.  They've got to be pretty special people, places or things that make you swim against the tide and carve out that little spot of happiness in your life that you can call all your own.  So I've got that cheesy Grease 2 movie that I bet Michelle Pfeiffer would love to remove from her IMDB profile and Marybeth has got her story about the dog who gets lost in a huge shopping mall parking lot.

So I ask you:  what's your guilty pleasure?  Tell me, it's OK, I swear I won't tell  a soul. It'll be just between us.

Jan 1, 2011

Farewell Pomegranates...It's been POM-Wonderful

I thought it would be appropriate to officially document the end of my Pomegranate season.  Boy, it's been one hell of a juicy ride.

I'm afraid to even consider how much money I've spent this year on my Pomegranate habit, but it has to be at least $200 bucks or more.  The average price I paid at the supermarket this year was $2.50/each or approx. $20 per visit just on this fruit alone.  My best deal was found just a few weeks ago up in North Conway, New Hampshire when we visited a Hannaford Supermarket during a minor snow storm paying a mere $1.99/each for soft-ball size Pomegranates. 

My co-worker Carrie sent me this infographic a while back from that awesome site GraphJam and I think I told her at the time that I was going to print this one out, nicely frame it and hang it in my kitchen.  (Note to self: DO THIS!)

I suspect my digestive system is in tip-top shape and really I've only ruined a couple dish towels and t-shirts with the juice splatters.  My thanks go out to all my friends and family who have supported my unnatural habit by purchasing me pomegranates or pomegranate-related merchandise since mid-October. 

I begin 2011 with ten stained, but well-worked fingers and many pleasant memories of seeds gone by.

Spogs...Who Knew????

Happy New Year to ME! I have, just moments ago, hit the proverbial jackpot and/or discovered my Holy Grail: I finally found those little liquorice-flavored jelly buttons that are part of the Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts.

My good friend and former co-worker Jillian has family in England. She visits them a couple times a year, but one of the best things about her trips is she gets to bring back Cadbury chocolate.

What you may not know about Jillian is she has a Celiac food allergy which prevents her from eating Gluten. Britain is much more progressive than the United States in labeling the ingredients on their food packaging so she's become quite the connoisseur on what she can and cannot eat. If you know Jillian then you know she can eat lots and lots of Cadbury chocolate, but only if it's made in the U.K. In fact, she buys so much Cadbury chocolate when she visits England that she's actually paid a penalty of $50 at the airport for having exceeded the baggage weight limit and once threw her back out lifting a piece of luggage out of a cab coming back from England.

Jillian first brought me back Liquorice Allsorts from England that tasted amazing because they were extra chewy and very fresh. (Ever snack on Good 'N Plenty's that have gone stale? If so, you'll understand why freshness is very important when it comes to eating liquorice.) Another time she brought me back a Cadbury Curly Wurly which is the British version of the now defunct Marathon Bar which was available in the United States in the late 70's.

One time she brought me back Walker's Nonsuch Licorice Toffee and I ate the whole bag in one sitting because I had never tasted something so infused with rich flavor and creamy texture. So these ended up being my two favorite treats that she always brought back for me when she visited her family in England.

Back in October I sent myself an email with links to a few online retailers that sold the toffee because I was loving it so much that I didn't want to have to wait until Jillian's next trip to England. (She had recently accepted a new job and I didn't think she would be traveling anytime soon which meant I was on my own to fend for my British sweets.)

As I've been on Christmas break this past week, I've had lots of time to catch up on emails wasting away in my in-box. It was only this morning that I decided to do a little web surfing for a state-side supplier of Walker's Liquorice Toffee after reading that reminder email I sent myself three months ago.

Scrolling through a list of Liquorice candy, I suddenly and quite unsuspectingly came across a listing for SPOGS on this site called I nearly missed it. I was sweeping down their list of available liquorice and was almost to the very end of the page when I spotted the candy I've been looking for years. Instantly my mouth watered seeing those little blue and pink jelly buttons and yeah, you could say my heart skipped a beat. The description was as follows: Spogs, an aniseed flavored jelly sweet with a coating of tiny balls of aniseed flavored candy. Spogs can be confused with Jelly Buttons, but Spogs are a better quality. These sweets are the ones found in the Liquorice Allsorts mix.

Talk about an OMG moment! I instantly added several packages to my shopping cart and proceeded to check out, but there was a problem: I couldn't figure out how much the shipping was going to cost to send my goodies to the United States. Sadly the site didn't have a conversion applet from U.S. dollars to G.B.P (pounds) and I would have had to enter my credit card so I could find out the estimated shipping charges. This made me uneasy because of a past experience buying a Little Britain birthday card for Spencer which cost me an enormous amount of money to ship and I simply couldn't make that same mistake twice.

I began looking for an online retailer in the United States. I searched for quite a while and could only find one retailer that sold Spogs, but they were out of stock. But I couldn't give up and was determined to buy those Spogs.

In the end, I found several international sellers on EBAY. (I really should have checked there first and I'm not sure why I didn't because you can find practically anything on EBAY. That's what makes it such an amazing site.) I found a seller named Recycled Radios located in The United Kingdom who was selling three packages for 1.10 GBP which is approx. $1.72 each. All totaled, my purchase cost me $17.75 including shipping from the U.K.

Obviously the shipping was the most expensive part of the purchase, but this is my test run for SPOGS. If they are exactly as promised and taste as amazing as they do in the Allsorts collection then 2011 is already off to a great start.

Happy New Year everyone.